Xvision IP Speed Dome Keyboard & Joystick with 7 inch screen -XSDZ-3DM-IP7

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The XSDZ-3DM-IP7 is a IP P/T/Z (pan, tilt and zoom) controller with a built in 7 inch screen, this stylish control unit can be used to control any of our IP P/T/Z cameras via a network connection and display the the image on the inbuilt screen at 800 x 480 pixels or full HD via the HDMI output to monitors or video walls up to 4K resolution.
Features include a 3D joystick to allow for one handed smooth operation, short cut keys for PTZ control such as presets, patrol and pattern programming. A great tool for control rooms.

7” LCD Display
3D Control Joystick
Supports H264/H265 Decoding
Supports Preset, Cruise and Track Function
Playback Remote Video on Local Keyboard Display and send Playback to TV Wall
Supports Multiple User Rights
Automatic Search for Devices within the same Network
Add and Control Network Devices by Domain Name
Supports Import and Export of Data of Keyboard Setup
Supports Audio

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