Wireless Perimeter Beam Receiver with Audible Alert and Alarm Outputs – XSB100R

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Would you like to know once someone enters your property be it a large open space like farmyards and industrial areas to drive way detection for your home, is very easy to instal and set up, requires no external power or cabling, can alert you by audible alarm chimes and if connected to a CCTV recorder with alarm inputs can trigger record, email snap shots and is far more reliable than standard video motion detection then this system is for you.

 The XSB100R wireless beam controller can control 4 zones with up to 8 pairs of beams per zone allowing for all round perimeter alarm detection when used with the  XSB range of beams. The controller has individual zone alarm relay contacts for triggering external devices like CCTV recorders or interface to existing alarm panels, you can associate individual chime sounds per zone as well as controlling relay latch times. A 14 volt out put is also available for connecting external alarm sounders.


 Operating frequency: 434.6Mhz

Operating voltage: 15VDC

Operating current: stand by = 20mA, Alarming 1080mA

14 Volt DC output current: 300mA Maximum

Relay rating: 24VDC or 120VAC at 2Amp

Maximum range: 300-800 meters dependent on conditions

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