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The SMART-I SHS100 Wireless Indoor Siren has a 110dB siren and bright flashing light that makes occupants, intruders, passers-by and neighbours aware that your Smart Alarm System has been triggered. Examples of locations where the siren can be used include, outside a flat/apartment so that others in the building are notified of an issue within the flat/apartment, outside an individual room or part of a house when living in shared accomodation, inside a property to warn the occupants or intruders that the system has been triggered.

It is designed for indoor use only and can be wall mounted using screws or the Double Sided Adhesive Pads provided. When running on batteries it can also be used as a portable siren for example for when you are in the garden or an out building and want to arm your system and be alerted if there are any alerts.

The unit can be powered permanently using the power supply supplied or can be battery powered and is supplied with batteries which will allow it to operate in normal use for up to 2 years. A low battery LED light is shown on the unit when the batteries need changing and the SMART-I PROTECT APP will also warn you that the batteries need changing.

The unit receives Alerts from the Smart Alarm Gateway using secure 868.3MHz technology, and also includes Tamper protection, which sends an instant alert to the Gateway should anybody tamper with the device.

The maximum distance between the unit and the Gateway can be up to 150 metres (Line of Sight), this can be extended by a further 150 metres using the SMART-I SHP100R Wireless Power Controller & 868.3MHz Signal Extender.



The Smart-I Home system is a complete home protection & monitoring solution for the home.

You can take control of your home security and keep an eye on your home or business while you are away, all on your smartphone, and you can even make your life a little bit easier with the Smart-I Home system and its power control sockets

All controlled by a smartphone app or keyfob controller.

Up to 24 Wireless Devices can be added

Available Devices include PIR Motion Sensors, Window/Door Contacts, Sirens, Remote Controllers and Remote Power Sockets

Up to 4 Wireless CCTV Cameras can be added

There are currently 3 CCTV Camera models available, there is an compact indoor camera with PIR built in, 2 way audio and SD card recording, an indoor Pan/Tilt motorised camera and an outdoor bullet camera. All cameras will record to SD card, live view and playback is all available in the app.

More Devices Coming Soon

including Water/Flood Detector, Smoke Detector, CO Detector, More Sirens, Keypad.



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