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The KBD700 is a wireless video doorphone that allows you to view visitors at your door while speaking to them before answering. Simply install the Door Entry camera next to your front door so the camera can view your visitor. When the bell rings, you can view visitors on the Wireless 7 inch monitor from anywhere in your home (up to 300m away). Plus, using the extended range mode, you can switch to speak-only mode and speak to visitors up to 500m away.
The KBD700 is completely stand alone and includes rechargeable batteries with up to 300 hours before recharging and comes with PSU/Chargers. The camera has a 120º viewing angle as well as IR illuminators for nighttime viewing and anti tamper alarm which is all enclosed in a fully weatherproof housing. The 7 inch monitor/controller has the option to record video or stills of your callers to a 4GB Micro SD which allows you to see who has called and at what time.
Take a look at the above video to see the KBD700 in action.

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